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One Direction blog bitches

*video of 1d singing torn appears on my dash*


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lottie be like: oh harrys in that pic. really? thats weird, i didnt even notice

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"louis, are you and eleanor really engaged?"

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Louis, are you really engaged to Eleanor?

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when people make fun of your favorite band 

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wet direction is my favorite 











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just let people ship what they want to ship, they aren't hurting you. being gay isn't a bad thing and it doesn't ruin relationships.

i never said being gay was bad…i didn’t say anything remotely close to that

i have aunts and cousins that are gay and i love them, i don’t look at them any differently than my parents or other aunts and uncles 

you cant just assume that i think “being gay is a bad thing” because those words never came out of my mouth and its unfair that you’re saying this because of a larry post

and if you look at the hashtags it says “im not saying it isnt ;)”

so dont assume cause you just made an ass out of yourself

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happy july 4th everyone

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"would you like extra-"

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